We Can Safely Claim Of Our Video Creation Process As A Road-map To Our Success!

Success is everything that we all dream of achieving and in order to make it come true, each one of us strives till the very end. We have devised a really simple yet effective process of video production, which takes up less time than what the other websites have to offer. We make the whole procedure fun as well as interesting for our clients. We take around six to seven weeks to produce the animated videos after having the first online meeting with our customers. This time is undoubtedly less than the time taken by other top notch companies, which usually take up to two to four weeks more to do the desired task. The whole procedure involves the following steps:

how we works

Getting Acquainted Before Going Ahead With The Developmental Step

When our clients come to us for their videos and animations, we make it a top priority to set up a meeting between the clients and the script writers assigned to them. This meeting enables us to gather all your requirements that you wish to be fulfilled in the animated videos you want. We, however, also do a thorough research on the kind of audience which you are aiming at and the goals that you want to achieve while doing so.

Creating A Script And Incorporating An Appropriate Voice Over

In order to fully engage your prospective clients, we make sure to create an exceptionally brilliant story. To achieve this, an intense yet bright script is crafted by our script writers, who pool in their ideas to come up with something of interest to the clients. Such a script is created which would convince the prospective clients of our clients to be interested in the services or products offered by them. An apt voice over is chosen as well, which is crucial to retain the attention of the viewers.

Illustration Of The Concepts And Characters In The Making

To give a feel and movement to your animated video, such characters are then crafted which would successfully convey the ideas to the intended viewers. This is exactly where our artists jump into the picture and design the characters that fulfill the requirements set by our clients at the time of their first meeting with our writers. A number of visual effects are, therefore, incorporated by our artists to give certain seamlessness to the flow of the videos.

Production Of The First Draft Of The Video And Giving It A Final Touch Afterwards

As soon as the characters, script and the voice over get accepted by the clients, our team gets back to work by putting all the pieces together in the video. The rough draft is then sent to the clients for approval. Our main focus is to get the draft approved in the first round, however, we may allow two rounds for a review as well in case of certain discrepancies. After the acceptance, the draft is finalized by tying a few loose ends together. The finalized draft then becomes all set to go live on the client’s website!